Provincial Examination of Civil Servants Written Examination Opening Examination of Li Zhenfayuan Jianhua Zhu Xintang Inspection Hall.

?(Reporter Yan Qian) On April 20, the written examination for civil servants in 2019 was opened in our province. Li Zhenfa, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and the Minister of Organization, Yuan Jianhua, Vice Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Zhu Xintang, Vice Mayor, visited the examination hall.

It is understood that there are 14 392 civil servant candidates taking part in the examination in our city. Among them, 5368 candidates applied for county-level civil servants, 8213 candidates applied for township civil servants and 811 candidates applied for law enforcement positions in public security organs. The public subjects of the written examination on the 20th day are Administrative Professional Competence Test and Shenlun. The written examination time is one day on April 20th (Saturday). There are 14 392 candidates for reference all day. 811 candidates for law enforcement positions of public security organs are required to take the professional examination for law enforcement positions of public security organs in the morning of April 21st (Sunday).

There are 11 test sites and 507 test venues in this exam. Candidates can log on to Jiangxi Personnel Examination Network on May 20 to check their scores. At that time, the provincial civil service authorities will distinguish different situations, layered classification and delineate the lowest qualified score line. Only those who have reached the qualified score line can enter the interview according to the written test results. After the qualified line is demarcated, the provincial civil servant competent authorities will make public adjustments on the Internet for the positions with insufficient number of interviewees after determining the first batch of qualified candidates in the written examination according to the order from high scores to low scores.
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