Hu Shizhong presided over the first meeting of the city's leading group on ecological civilization construction in 2019. Wang Shaoxian attended and delivered a speech.

?(Reporter Xie Binghua) On April 19, Hu Shizhong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, chaired the first meeting of the Leading Group for the Construction of Ecological Civilization in the whole city in 2019. He emphasized that we should study Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization in depth, implement the important requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping for Jiangxi's work from a higher level, practise the development concept of green water and green hills as Jinshan and Yinshan, strengthen the determination of ecological environment protection and construction, and promote the high-quality development of ecological civilization construction in our city with greater determination, higher standards and more practical measures.

Wang Shaoxian, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, attended and delivered a speech. City leaders Zhao Hongguang, Longxin, Wang Dasheng, Cheng Yijin, as well as the Jinggangshan Administration and Jinggangshan Jingkai District were mainly responsible for comrades attending.

Hu Shizhong pointed out that in recent years, our city has vigorously implemented the strategy of ecologically strong city in order to build a model of Jiangxi in beautiful China as the goal pursuit, focusing on key points, striving to tackle key problems, forming new achievements through system innovation, improving ecological quality, achieving new achievements in pollution prevention and control, making new breakthroughs in green development, taking new achievements in ecological creation, and making progress in ecological civilization construction throughout the city. Achievement at different stages.

Hu Shizhong emphasized that we should continue to work hard around pollution control, focus on solving outstanding problems of ecological environment, take hard measures, effectively rectify environmental protection supervision problems, intensify efforts to control environmental pollution, innovate ways of environmental supervision, and resolutely fight the hard battle of pollution prevention and control. We should make sustained efforts around reform and innovation, speed up the construction of an ecological civilization system, accelerate the reform of key systems, coordinate all kinds of systems, create a number of reform demonstration pilot projects, and strive to form a number of institutional experiences that can be replicated, used for reference, promoted, influential and contributive. We should make sustained efforts around industrial transformation, comprehensively upgrade the level of green development, vigorously develop green ecological industry, promote new industries to become bigger and stronger, speed up the development of ecological and environmental protection industry, and strive to open up the two-way transformation channel between green mountains and Jinshan Yinshan. We should focus on the key tasks, strengthen the organizational leadership of the construction of ecological civilization, enhance the overall awareness to ensure the city's one chess game, enhance the awareness of the top and bottom to ensure one heart, enhance the sense of coordination to ensure that the target assessment go ahead, and combine the five-type government construction, dare to take the initiative, and firmly grasp the implementation of the work.

Wang Shaoxuan demanded that we should pay close attention to rectifying and strengthening the foundation, and resolutely rectify the feedback problems of various environmental protection inspectors with a high degree of political consciousness. We should keep a close eye on the indicators to the bottom line, the constraints such as atmosphere, water, soil and other indicators as well as the assessment and evaluation indicators, and encrypt dispatching. We need to make up for shortcomings in major projects, accelerate environmental protection infrastructure projects, ecological restoration projects and green industry projects, and intensify our efforts to tackle key problems. We should explore the bright spots of system creation, promote the implementation of system landing, promote system innovation and promotion, and strive to be in the forefront of building a beautiful China's Jiangxi model.

The meeting deliberated and adopted in principle the Key Points for the Construction of Ji'an Eco-civilization Experimental Zone in 2019 and the Work Plan for Ji'an City to Summarize and Promote the Experience and Results of the Reform of Eco-civilization Construction System. It also reported the results of the annual evaluation of the city's ecological civilization construction in 2017 and the mid-term assessment of the city's ecological civilization construction objectives.

Comrades in charge of Jinggangshan City, Taihe County, Suichuan County, Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau and Municipal Forestry Bureau made speeches successively.
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