The Internet + supervision platform of the State Council has been launched online and offline. Get information online, listen to suggestions, supervise, rectify and implement offline

?Xinhua news agency, Beijing, April, 22, in order to promote the implementation of the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and to respond to the concerns of the masses quickly and efficiently, and lighten the burden on the grassroots level, the general office of the State Council recently opened the platform of the Internet + supervision of the State Council, and solicited four clues or suggestions for the society: first, the major decisions, arrangements and policy measures of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council were not implemented. The second is that the government and its relevant departments and units act slowly as a clue to the problem of disorderly actions; the third is that the inconsistency of policies and measures brings troubles to the market subjects and the people; and the fourth is the suggestions to improve the work of the government.

Enterprises and the masses can log in to the or download the State Council client to enter the Internet + supervision column of the State Council. They can also pay attention to the WeChat public number of the Chinese government network and enter the Internet + supervision program of the State Council to provide clues, reflect problems and make suggestions. The General Office of the State Council will collect and sort out the clues and suggestions received, and urge the relevant local authorities to deal with them. The inspection office of the General Office of the State Council will directly dispatch personnel to inspect important issues with strong and universal response to enterprises and the masses. After verification, the more typical problems will be exposed publicly and dealt with seriously.

According to the relevant person in charge of the general office of the State Council, this year's government work report clearly deployed and implemented the Internet + supervision, which is not only a positive exploration to comply with the requirements of the new age development, improvement and optimization of supervision methods, but also a reduction of the burden on the grass-roots units. It is also an important measure to deepen the concept of opening the door for supervision and take the initiative to accept the people's supervision and build a service-oriented government. Relying on the Internet + inspector platform of the State Council, it will effectively integrate the supervision strength and information resources, and gradually realize the online collection of real-time monitoring clues, cloud intelligence analysis, online classification processing, and offline supervision and rectification, so as to form a regular, standardized, convenient and efficient normalization and supervision and novelty search pattern. This is not only conducive to a more comprehensive and accurate solution to the difficulties and blockages that enterprises and the masses are concerned about, but also helps to reduce the number of centralized inspections, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of inspections, and achieve both the efficiency of inspections and the burden reduction at the grass-roots level.

Attachment: State Council Internet + supervision small program code
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